Vacation Bible School

VBS 2020 - Rocky Railway: Jesus Power Pulls Us Through! 

Rocky Railway
Climb aboard for mountains of fun at VBS 2020, Rocky Railway: Jesus Power Pulls Us Through! On this faith-filled adventure kids discover that trusting Jesus pulls them through life's ups and downs. 

VBS week is July 13-17,2020
 from 9 a.m. to Noon 
for 4 year olds through 5th Grade.  

6th Grade-H.S. are leaders. 

Registration begins for parishioners on February 24th 
and for non-parishioners on February 28th.

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VBS 2019

Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus 

ROAR Life is Wild God is Good
At VBS '19 Kids discovered that God is good through all of life’s challenges. 

They learned one Bible point each day through songs, games, Bible story telling, & more hands on exploration.

VBS 2018

ROAR: Life is Wild, God is Good! 

VBS 2018 - Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus154 children along with 100 volunteers found themselves SHIPWRECKED last week at Vacation Bible School. We learned: When we worry, struggle, are lonely, do wrong, are powerless, JESUS RESCUES!

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Yamba Uganda
1596 Goldspire Road
Toms River, NJ 08755
(732) 929-9013

Dear Vacation Bible School Teachers and Students,

On Behalf of Yamba Uganda, I would like to thank you for the generous gift of $3,625.00. This donation will be used to pay the 2018 school fees for Lucky Apio who is finishing Senior 4. Thanks to the generosity of the children and their families, Gabriella Atim will start a nursing course lasting for 2 ½ years or 5 semesters. She is so happy! The extra monies collected will go towards food, scholastic requirements and other necessities for the girls and their family.

I will be returning to Uganda on August 13th. Please keep me in your prayers for a safe trip and a successful mission.

As we enjoy the season of summer and all its bounty, may everyone feel the warmth of God’s blessings in all they do.

Mary Goss
Director, Yamba Uganda

VBS 2017

VBS week revealed to us that God has a plan for each and every one of us!

VBS2017 logo

Friends were made and the Gospel message was shared.   We are happy to report that we surpassed our mission goal again this year.  The children really heard and took to heart Jesus message of love and sharing our blessings.  Because of all the kids at VBS our adopted sisters, Gabriella and Lucky, will have their school costs covered and additional money will go toward the St. Jude School food fund.  WOW, GOD!

VBS 2017

VBS 2016

Nativity VBS this summer was truly inspirational! "FOLLOW HIM!" was heard all throughout the Parish Center. The children learned the true meaning of mission and raised over $1,300 for our adopted daughters in Uganda. VBS Families also shared school supplies for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Thank you to all the volunteers who shared their faith and love with the children. 

Letter from Yamba Uganda to VBS Families

Dear VBS Students and Families,

On behalf of Yamba Uganda, I would like to thank you for the generous gift of $1,310. This donation will be used to pay the 2017 secondary school fees ($600 each) for Lucky Apio and Gabriella Atim, allowing them to attend school for another year. The $110 extra ($55 for each student) will allow for the purchase of $25 in food for the family for a month, $25 for a mattress, and $5 for 6 pair of socks for both Lucky and Gabriella.

As we enjoy the season of autumn and all its bounty, may you feel the warmth of God’s blessings in all you do.

Mary Goss
Director Yamba Uganda

To learn more about the mission:

VBS 2015

The Fun place to learn about God’s Word!

VBS '15 was Nativity's 25th year! 160 children, 80 teen leaders and 15 adults enjoyed being together and sharing God's Word for the week. Kids participated in Imagination Station science experiments, Glacier Games, Base Camp Sing and Play Music, snacks at Mountain Top Treats, Bible Expedition (story telling), Live Animal Thursday, and Missions. We learned to "HOLD ON!" to God. Daily themes were: God has the power to Provide, God has the power to Comfort, God has the power to Heal, God has the power to Forgive, and God has the power to LOVE US FOREVER! 

Our annual mission raised enough money to send our two sponsored children at St. Jude's School in Uganda, Africa and also to support Catholic Relief Services in Nepal. The VBS children and their families also donated several boxes of school supplies for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Parents modeling the mission spirit for their children to learn; what a blessing!

Dear Nativity Vacation Bible School Participants and Volunteers,

On behalf of Yamba Uganda, thank you for your generous donation from your VBS families.  Your gift will provide the means for Lucky Apio and Gabriella Atim to attend school for a year and covers the cost of their tuition, room and board, school supplies, books, uniforms, and a meal a day.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated by Gabriella and Lucky and their families.

May you feel the warmth of God's blessings on all you do!

Mary Goss
Director Yamba Uganda

Nativity VBS Photos

VBS 2014
SonTreasure Island: Where Nativity's Kids Discovered God’s Love
SonTreasure Island VBS

VBS set sail the week of July 21st in search of treasure and the 153 children and 83 volunteers DID discover the greatest treasure of all: God’s LOVE!  A HUGE thank you goes out to all the volunteers who sacrificed two of the best weeks of the summer to bring the message of Jesus’ Love to the children of our parish.  It was an awesome endeavor that will be remembered always!   Until next summer remember, that “God’s Love is Treasure FOREVER, Treasure FOREVER!”

We also shared worldly treasure with our adopted daughters, Gabriella and Lucky, at St. Jude School in Uganda.  Almost $400 was raised by the kids who did chores, had lemonade stands, and opened their piggy banks!   

VBS 2013

Kingdom Rocks VBS LogoKingdom Rock Vacation Bible School: Where Kids Stand Strong for God! 

What a week it was!  We had Royal crowning’s each day, but the children  will tell you who the real king is, JESUS!  153 children were lovingly instructed by 75 teens and a dozen adults each day.  We truly learned how to “Stand Strong” for God from each other!  

Christmas Greetings from Uganda!

The children of Vacation Bible School received a message from the two girls they sponsor at the St. Jude School in Uganda, Africa. 

"Christmas greetings to VBS! We love the children of Nativity Vacation Bible School and we pray for you each day." The girls, Gabriella and Lucky, are very grateful for the support of VBS families that make it possible for them to remain in school throughout the year! They also ask for prayers as they are entering an examination period at their school soon. Merry Christmas!

VBS 2012
We made it a "Cool, cool summer, learning to trust in Jesus!"  

140 children had the sheer joy of sharing a week with 70 youth volunteers and many adults from our parish during our annual Vacation Bible School from July 23-27th.  They enjoyed music, crafts, snacks, games, Bible story telling, live animals and class time with the "SonRise National Park: Point Your Kids to Jesus" theme.  The children learned about service to others as they contributed to our annual mission project; St. Jude's School in Kasana Luweero, Uganda.  We sponsor two young ladies, Gabriella and Lucky.  Many earned money doing chores around the house and a few had a lemonade stand and shared their profits with the mission!  VBS families also kick started the annual Big Brothers/Big Sisters school supplies campaign by donating pencils, notebooks, backpacks etc.  The teen volunteers packed up 50 snack bags that were picked up by Covenant House for distribution in Asbury Park.  

Letter From St. Jude School in Kasana Luweero

Dear Children of Nativity Church in Fair Haven,

I would lke to thank you very much for the wonderful work you're doing. Thank you for loving our Lord Jesus Christ and learning the Bible. Thank you for raising funds for other children to go to school.

Here in Uganda, we have children from poor families, orphans and vulnerable. They are capable of performing better in class but their parents cannot afford looking after them. We also have a Sunday School in our parish called, Nattyole Parish, and we have very many pupils of such kind. We also meet every unday to lean about Jesus. We do holiday camps, visit and help the sick, elderly and vulnerable people. We also give in the little we have.

I really thank you for what you;re doing and I request you kindly to assist our children. May God reward you so much!
Dorothy Ssonko
                    Sunday School Teacher/Administrator

VBS 2011
The children of Nativity participated in the SonSurf Beach Bash VBS from July 25 – 29th. Based on 5 key Scriptures about Jesus that will change a child’s life—including John 14:6—SonSurf VBS transported our young minds to a lively beach scene filled with surf, sun and sand, where they dug into the Bible and answered key questions kids ask about Jesus. 

Nativity VBS also raised over $1,000 for our Gabriella and Lucky, our two sponsored children at the Kasana Luweero Diocese in Uganda, Africa. VBS attendees did chores around the house, had lemonade stands, babysat and opened their piggy banks (as well as their parent's wallets!) These funds will enable the girls to continue their studies for another year and help out the mission overall. VBS children also wrote letters and colored pictures for the for Gabriella and Lucky. 

Look at the slideshow below and see how much fun we had!

News of our VBS Sponsored Children in Uganda: 

We just received a letter from Sr. Goretti Kambendiho who is the head sister at Saint Jude Primary School in Luweero. She wanted to share the news that Atim Gabriela and Apio Lucky were baptized and received their First Communion on 28 October (St. Jude's Day). The school is had a big mass and celebration on St. Jude's Day where many students received their first Holy Communion as well as Confirmation. They are very happy!
 VBS 2010 

From July 26th to July 30th 150 of our parish children were lead by 84 teens and 20 adults through a journey of faith they will not soon forget! We had a BLAST learning about how God calls us to community through Trust, Love, Following, Caring and Sharing! 

The children enjoyed games under the big tent outside, crafts, snacks, storytelling, music, science and a special visit from Miss. Kim of “Eyes Wild” and her animal friends. 
In keeping with the VBS theme of Africa and community, the children raised money for our sister Diocese, Kasana Luweero in Uganda. 
The children raised more than $500.00 by doing extra chores around their homes, baby sitting, sharing their piggy bank money, having lemonade stands and inspiring the adults in our VBS community to give too! 

We also collected several baskets of school supplies for our Basic Needs Committee for distribution close to home. 

We wish to thank all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication to this very exciting program. We look forward to many more years of VBS because: It’s the BEST!