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Parent and Child First Reconciliation meeting will be held on Monday, November 4th at 6:00pm and 7:15pm.   Students have been assigned accordingly please check email.  If you are unable to attend your assigned session please contact the RE office.

Welcome 2020-2021 RE year

posted Sep 8, 2020, 12:46 PM by Sue Hodgkiss   [ updated Jun 21, 2021, 11:48 AM ]

Welcome all the 2020-2021 RE school year.

Registration for the RE program is done through a parent portal:

New Families:

New families trying to register for our RE program please contact Sue Hodgkiss at 732 741-1714 x20 office or 732 759-0848 office cell phone.  Registration is done through a parent portal with ParishGiving.Org.   Please note, parents can not create a portal, a staff member must do it.  Please use the link below to provide the RE office with necessary information to create your family portal.  Any questions please feel free to contact the RE office at any time with any questions

Returning Families:

Returning families should log into their portal at  with username PG_(email address at time of set up)  and password you created.  There is a password reset button.   If you need assistance with the tuition portion or resetting of password please contact Parish Giving at 1-866-307-7140.   Help with sessions and student information please contact the RE office at 732 741  1714 x20, x23 or x27

Teens & Adults needed for RCIA team

posted Aug 20, 2014, 12:48 PM by Sarah Maris   [ updated Oct 8, 2019, 5:17 AM by Sue Hodgkiss ]

We are seeking teens & adults to serve as members of the RCIA team.
 Opportunities include: 

Team members: 
The Adult process is looking for people to act as bi-weekly team members for both the catechumens and candidates. A team member helps to provide a welcoming atmosphere and acts as a support for discussion, etc. within the bi-weekly group meeting. 

Sponsors, who walk with an individual preparing to enter the Catholic Church. The sponsor’s role is to get to know the individual, introduce them into the parish community and stand as witness to the individual’s readiness during the Rite of Acceptance. 

A sponsor accompanies any candidate seeking admission as a catechumen. Sponsors are persons who have known and assisted the candidates and stand as witnesses to the candidates’ moral character, faith, and intention. It may happen that it is not the sponsor for the rite of acceptance and the period of the catechumenate but another person who serves as godparent for the periods of purification and enlightenment and of mystagogy. 
P 10, RCIA Introduction
Facilitators and mentors: 
The Children’s Process is in need of facilitators and mentors for our 3rd-12th grade participants. 

If you are interested in helping please contact Theresa Petrik, Director of Religious Education at 732-741-1714 Ext. 20 or

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