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Holiday Food Donation Collection

posted Nov 5, 2020, 9:40 AM by Sue Hodgkiss
Please help local families in need
Support our Basic Needs Committee
Holiday Food Collection
Click on the link below to sign up electronically


Send to: Church of the Nativity, attention: Basic Needs -Holiday Food Collection, 180 Ridge Road, Fair Haven, NJ 07704
  # of Families    Holiday Donation Per Family
Sponsor Family for Thanksgiving                   $50
Sponsor Family for Christmas                         $50
Co-Sponsor Family for Thanksgiving             $25
Co-Sponsor Family for Christmas                  $25

Name: _______________________________
Phone: _____________ Date: _______________
City: __________________ State     Zip: __________________
Amount Enclosed: $ _________________

Turkeys or hams may also be donated. Please place in the Parish Hall freezer or refrigerator to keep fresh.
Funds collected over and above will be used by Basic Needs in our local area.
  Thank you for your support.

Any questions or for further assistance plese contact Sue at Sueh@nativitychurchnj.org or 732 741-1714 x20